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List of sponsors and exhibitors—CSP Focus China 2018 March 22-23 Beijing

2018.03.14     From: CSP Focus光略咨询

The 8th CSP Focus China conference will be opened next Thursday. See you in Beijing!

Before that, let’s have a look at the sponsors and exhibitors of this event.

▍Bronze Sponsor

▷ Aalborg CSP A/S; steam generation system

▷ Riohuan (Inner Mongolia) Solar Co., Ltd.; mirror & receiver tube

▷ Beijing TRX Solar Technology Co., Ltd.; receiver tube

▷ Royal Tech CSP; receiver tube/ EPC

▍Presentation Sponsor

▷ 247Solar Inc.; Technology/ EPC

▷ Emerson Automation Solutions Final Control (Beijing) Co., Ltd.; Valve

▷ Flowserve; Molten salt pump and valve

▷ Shandong Major Energy Co., Ltd.; Technology/ EPC/ mirror

▍Exhibition Sponsor

▷ SUNTRACK(P4Q Electronic); tracking

▷ Gefran Siei Drives Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.; pressure sensor

▷ Wuxi Chemical Equipment Co.,Ltd.; Heat exchangers

▷ Holter Regelarmaturen GmbH & Co. KG; valve

▷ Solargis s.r.o.; solar resource

▷ Watlow; Heater

▷ Promat; high-temperature insulation

▷ Shandong Huiyin Energy Co., Ltd; receiver tube

▷ OHL Gutermuth Industrial Valves GmbH; Molten salt valve

▷ Solutia Therminol Co.Ltd., Suzhou; Heat transfer oil

▷ Jiangsu Haofeng Pipeline Equipment Co., Ltd; bellow

▍Lanyard Sponsor

▷ AUMA Drives GmbH; Worm Gear

▍Insertion sponsor

▷ Lanpec Technologies Ltd.; Steam generation

▷ Thermal Engineering International (USA) Inc. -Struthers Wells; heat exchanger

CSP Focus China 2018 Sponsors Gallery

Sponsor details:

Aalborg CSP A/S is a leading developer and supplier of innovative renewable technologies aiming to change the way energy is produced today. Relying on extensive experience from some of the most efficient concentrated solar power (CSP) projects around the world, the company designs and delivers green technologies and integrated energy systems to lower the cost of energy for industries and power plants worldwide.
In China, Aalborg CSP A/S is one of the main suppliers of steam generation systems and solar tower receivers for utility-scale CSP power plants. The company’s award-winning boiler design combined with local manufacturing secures cost-competitive and on-demand renewable power generation for the world’s fastest growing market CSP market.
Aalborg CSP A/S places strong focus on R&D activities and partners with knowledge-based companies and institutions to create leading-edge technologies. As a result, the Aalborg CSP engineering design is centred on a value-adding concept providing solutions that excel in operation, increase plant revenue and contribute to a greener future.
Headquartered in Aalborg (Denmark) and with sales & service offices in Spain, the US, Kenya, Uganda, Australia and Indonesia, Aalborg CSP A/S has realised cost effective green energy solutions to a variety of industries worldwide.
For more information visit:

Riohuan(InnerMongolia)solar Co.,Ltd is a joint venture under Rioglass Solar and Tianjin Zhonghuan group, the manufacture bases in Hohhot, which introduce Rioglass Solar’s advantage mirror and receiver production lines, technology and management mode, aim to provide full series of high quality, high performance and high durability concentrating mirrors and HCE receivers product to Chinese local CSP customers. First mirrors roll off the new production line in Hohhot in 2017, receiver line will put in production soon.

Rioglass Solar is the largest supplier of CSP HCE receivers and mirrors in the world, the market share is highest in worldwide CSP industry, it has supplied both receiver and mirror to CGN Delingha 50MW PT project in China.

Beijing TRX Solar Technology Co., Ltd. (TRX-Solar), a company of China Academy of Space Technology affiliated with China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC), is a high-tech enterprise specialized in solar thermal technology development, key technology development and technology service.

Founded on 18, June of 2000, TRX-Solar is a high tech company that carries out scientific research, production, technical service and market promotion. Derived from cutting-edge aerospace technology, TRX has developed solar receivers with complete intellectual property rights, which have been awarded the certification of DLR and PSA.TRX Solar has accumulated rich project experience of solar field integration and commercial application. TRX Solar is able to serve the worldwide CSP trough projects by large-scale deployment. In 2014, TRX Solar completed the construction of the production line of receiver tubes which has come into service and can meet the demand for 8,000 receiver tubes. In 2016, the 3rd generation of receiver tube was successfully delevoped and production line was successfully modified to flexible and intellectual one, which was honored with High-tech Technology Company and awarded the certification of ISO 9001, 14001 and 18001. Annual production capacity has reached 100,000 pcs.With the mission “Serving the society with emission reduction energy, Seeking a new energy road for the country”, TRX Solar will provide reliable, low-cost and clean energy.

Founded in 2009, Royal Tech CSP Limited has been specialized in the R&D and industrialization of solar thermal key technologies based on broad cooperation with world famous scientific institutes like Fraunhofer ISE, DLR and CIEMAT-PSA. We have been actively participating in the compilation of multiple International (IEC), national and industrial standards. We have made various breakthroughs in terms of technology and industrialization of vacuum receivers, and managed to supply large scale CSP power plants overseas. We started early to successfully demonstrate our parabolic trough solar field capabilities, continuously verifying new components and technologies for solar thermal applications. As a developer and technology provider, 250MW capacity of parabolic trough projects that we participated were selected into the first National CSP Demonstration Program. Two projects(50+100MW) are in process to be implemented. Royal Tech CSP Limited, the winner of SolarPACES 2017 Technology Innovation Award with Wacker Chemie AG, becomes the first Asian company to get this award in history. As another important business sector, we are making steady progress in solar process heat applications through
several newly signed overseas projects.

247Solar Inc., a US company, is commercializing a CSP system that can generate electricity 24/7 at costs competitive with all forms of power generation. It eliminates most disadvantages of traditional power, PV, wind, and conventional CSP. Called the 247Solar Plant™, it was developed with funding support from the US Department of Energy by Wilson Solarpower Corp, a spinoff of MIT. Critical heat transfer innovations broke through CSP’s traditional complexity and cost barriers to enable high-temperature, solar-heated air to displace water/steam as the driving fluid for jet-engine-like turbines. Design, construction, and operation are all simplified with greatly reduced costs and increased deployment speeds.

The all-factory-produced, modular 247Solar Plant can be deployed as a single, off-grid system of 400 kilowatts plus 1,500,000 BTUs per hour of useful heat (e.g., for industrial heat or water purification), or as huge power plants made of hundreds of 247Solar Plants (analogous to wind farms). The system has few moving parts, uses mostly proven equipment, has no known environmental deficiencies, and can be operated simply, with low maintenance requirements. Its low-cost thermal energy storage system uses simple firebrick to store the sun's heat for nighttime use. To guarantee electricity 24/7, the system can optionally burn fuel on a limited basis and, like batteries, responds instantly to fluctuating power demand.

“Emerson Automation Solutions is a global technology and solutions provider for process industries around the world. Emerson Automation Solutions’ Final Control group delivers highly-engineered flow controls, isolation, pressure management, actuation, and valve connectivity technologies that make plants safer, more reliable, and proactive in maintenance management. Moreover, Emerson helps companies reach top-quartile performance, whereby customers are equipped to perform financially and operationally within the top 25 percent of peer companies.”

Flowserve [NYSE: FLS] is the world's premier provider of industrial flow management services. The company produces engineered and industrial pumps, mechanical seals, valves and actuators, automation systems and provides a range of related flow management services for worldwide critical industries.

Shandong Majorenergy Tech. Co., Ltd., a high-tech enterprise, specializing in research and development of CSP techniques, equipment manufacture and system integration. The R & D team members are graduated from Tsinghua University and Chinese Academy of Sciences.
They have grasped the key techniques in CSP field, achieved complete independent intellectual property rights, and successfully got 12 patents. The equipment factory locates in Laiwu High –tech-district, Shandong province. The annual productivity of dish concentrator is 300MW.

SuntrackPro is a product line that produces solar tracker controllers. Tracking the sun creates powerful renewable energy sources allowing as much as 40% of the solar light to be converted into green energy. SuntrackPro controls both photovoltaic and concentrated solar tracking mechanisms. Our product line is flexible as we can control both elevation and azimuth. We have software driven process that can configure any combination of DC motors, DC brushless motors and AC motors, sensors and encoders.
In our United States and European facilities we have experience in building solar tracker controllers. We are confident that we can meet any
capacity needs you require.
- Our system is sound with many successful deployments.
- Our process is software driven and can be configured and changed rapidly.
- We can handle high volume.
- Our relationship with vendors speeds your time to market.
- Our experience will save you from months to years in R&D.
- Our code is embedded rather than a standard PLC card that anyone can change.
- We can be your electronic labor force; customize to your needs and maintain your software libraries.
- We are quality certified throughout the globe.
Please visit our website www.suntrack.es for more details.

Fifty years of experience and know-how, a customer-based organization, and constant technological innovation make Gefran a leader in automation components and industrial process control systems.
Gefran offers an unrivalled range of products in terms of its breadth, quality and specialisation. It operates in three business areas: sensors,automation and motion control.

Wuxi Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd. is a very experienced and leading Designer and Manufacturer of specialized Thermal and Process Solutions, high quality Heat Exchangers and other Pressure Vessels for the Oil & Gas and CSP Market, being active in this market for several years, accumulating considerable operational knowledge of the TES and SGS systems. WCE is pioneering changes, developing unique solutions, cooperating with key leading CSP Technology companies globally and optimizing the TES & SGS Exchangers; reducing total plant costs, construction schedule, improving operating costs and guaranteeing 100% availability of our solutions.

We are able to offer all our unique CSP solutions for all combinations of the Molten Salt (Binary & Ternary) / HTF / Steam-BFW applications.Additionally we offer the Steam Condensers & FWPH’s for CSP Plants.

Solar power plants are the future – and we are competent partners on the way to tomorrow’s energy generation from sunlight. We develop and manufacture high quality valves and actuators for parabolic trough solar collectors, fresnel collectors and solar tower power plants.
The basis for this is more than four decades of experience in the control valve engineering field. HORA’s control valves and actuators prove themselves around the world as reliable for mastering high pressures, extreme temperatures, aggressive media and different heat transfer
fluids. We are a reliable and strong partner for planners, constructors and operators of solar thermal power plants: Medium-sized, independent and family-run – and thus flexible and versatile. One hundred percent of the profits are reinvested in equipment, processes and people. This makes us one of the most modern and innovative companies of our segment. Important elements include the 100 percent development scope and vertical manufacturing levels of up to 90 percent, which leaves the most important elements for quality assurance and excellence in our own hands.

Solargis has 18 years of experience in solar energy assessment and photovoltaic energy modeling. Company business is in providing the satellite-based solar and weather data, online photovoltaic software applications and consultancy services. Solargis data and services are used for optimization of solar power plants in the stages of a project development, performance assessment and due diligence.

Solargis operates in-house developed online platform for fast access to historical, recent, and forecast solar and weather data for any location. Solargis has customers in 90+ countries worldwide, mainly developers, financial, EPC and O&M companies, system integrators,investors, power plant operators, asset managers, energy utilities and technical advisors. We also support governmental agencies and international organizations in developing their solar energy strategies.

Brand Solargis is protected as a trade mark in more than 20 countries. The company has ISO 9001:2016 quality management certificate.Numerous independent studies have confirmed that Solargis is the most accurate and reliable solar database.

Watlow® provides engineering excellence and support to the CSP industry. We focus heavily on thermal solutions (electric heaters,controls, sensors and control panels) for Power Tower Receivers, MS Tank Heating and Power Block thermal needs. Watlow’s broad quality program is built to ASME requirements as well as international certification requirements. Our team provides the highest level of thermal solutions design, project management, and documentation to our customers. It is this level of service and experience that differentiates Watlow as the thermal leader among their competition in the industry.

Lointek is a private company firmly established in the international market of engineering, supply, manufacture and service of heavy equipment for the industry of petroleum refining, chemical, petrochemical, offshore and energy (renewable, solar, thermal power). The main equipment that we manufacture is heat exchangers, reactors, pressure vessels, boilers (watertube, firetube, WHB, HRSG), feed water heaters, condensers and in general items involving big dimensions, high grade materials and complex construction. There are 2 Lointek workshops in Spain, one of them with direct access to ship, located in Bilbao port. Lointek is included in the vendor list of the most reputed EPC contractors worldwide (Saudi Aramco, Sabic, Mitsubishi, KBR, Tecnicas Reunidas, Repsol, Toyo, Saipem, General Electric, Technip, etc.) and certificated by ASME (S, U, U2, A Stamps), National d Board (NB, R Stamps), UNE-EN-ISO 3834-2, 9001, GOST, etc.

Promat, as part of the ETEX INUSTRY DIVISON, is the worldwide leading provider of high performance insulation solutions, based mainly on microporous and calcium silicate technolo gy, but with a own wide range temperature portfolio products going from temperature classifications of 100⁰C to 1700⁰C. Renewable Energy is essential to our future and conserving this energy by controlling energy losses is a key factor in reducing cost and improving operational efficiency. This is the Promat approach in the provision of thermal insulation solutions for concentrated solar power plants. We offer insulation systems for ball joint assemblies and flexible hoses, pipe insulation and pipe supports in parabolic through plants, as well as insulation systems and heat shields for solar towers, up and down the receiver, oven boxes insulation, concrete protection, piping insulation and pipe supports. In both parabolic trough and tower we have also proven solutions for foundation insulation in the molten salt tanks, cheaper than traditional designs. Our insulation experts have the ability to assist the CSP business designing and engineering all sort of solution. Promat has the largest CSP plants reference list. Pormat the worldwide leading reference for high performance insulation.

Huiyin is a Chinese company founded by the Ven - Kang family.
The Ven family has been active in Concentrating Solar Power for over 40 years. As founders of Solel Solar Systems Ltd., a company that soon became the market leader in vacuum receivers for parabolic troughs, they produced the receivers for the 354 MWe SEGS plants in Southern California. These plants have been running 30 years and it is estimated they will run at least another 30 years.
Huiyin has produced in its facilities over 400 MWe of receivers for commercial power plants around the world, and is the only Chinese manufacturer that has molten salt tube technology.
Huiyin has strong government partners including the Chinese Ministry of Finance, The China Development Bank, The State Development and Investment Corporation and the Belgium Ministry of Public Enterprises.
Huiyin bankable superior receivers with outperforming technology are more durable and offer an extended life time and are the first serviceable receivers in the market.
Huiyin excellence in production, proven high volume capability and ability to develop new products for its clients make it today the preferred CSP receiver supplier of the industry.

Tailor-made Valves “Made in Germany”
OHL Gutermuth makes special valves for the world’s largest projects.
Valve manufacturer OHL Gutermuth offers a broad range of butterfly and linear valves with nominal diameters up to DN 4000, with pressure ratings of 200 bar and more, for temperatures from -196°C to 1300°C. In the past 40 years we have supplied customized valves for more than 150 gas purification plants, among them the largest in the world, in Europe, Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, India, China, the Middle East and America! Recent projects include 220-tons of valves for desulphurization plants in the Middle east, valves for the world’s largest thermosolar power plants, Methanol and coal gasification plants. OHL Gutermuth supplied special valves for the German and French navies, and for the longest mega-yacht worldwide.

Therminol fluids were previously sold under different trade names in various parts of the world, including Therminol in North America,South America and Asia, and SantoTherm and GiloTherm in Europe. Since January 1, 1997, all of our heat transfer fluids worldwide have been marketed under the brand name Therminol.
In July 2012, Solutia was acquired by Eastman Chemical Company. Eastman’s commitment to Therminol heat transfer fluids business and its customers was apparent immediately as investments were made to meet the needs of the future, including process improvements in the Anniston, Alabama plant, and breaking ground on a plant expansion in Newport, Wales that will significantly increase capacity to serve global customer base. As part of that global commitment, a new Specialty Fluids Testing Lab was opened in Singapore that will provide more local service in the Asia Pacific region.

Jiangsu Hao Feng pipeline equipment limited company in November 2011, according to the relevant provisions of the "People's Republic of China company law" and "People's Republic of China company registration management regulations", Jiangyan Hao Feng bellows limited company established in 1992,was changed into. Our company is located in the beautiful bellows Township, Jiangyan District, Taizhou, Jiangsu province. After more than 20 years of innovation and development, we have accumulated a wealth of experience in designing and manufacturing various kinds of pipe compensators and special metal hoses.

The name AUMA Drives has been standing for high precision, engineering ingenuity and customized solutions in producing gear units and drives systems. Applications for producing alternative energy such as Heliostats and PV Trackers have always been a core competence of AUMA drive trackers. in solar power plants require robust drive systems with high accuracy, efficiency and virtually maintenance-free long-term operation showing a high degree of reliability at the same time. Only components specially designed for outdoor use can meet these requirements. Worm gears units are ideally suited for the adjustment of heliostats or CPV trackers, since they can be used for are virtually backlash-free transmission ratio and very slow moments. By target-oriented selection of defined materials, required parameters such as perfect wear behaviour, high fatigue strength and long term corrosion protection are achieved and implemented.

Lanpec Technologies Limited was founded in May 1960. On June 22, 2011, LANPEC got listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange successfully
(Stock Code: 601798).
LANPEC’s mainly engaged in the petroleum drilling machinery; the refining and petrochemical engineering equipment; the offshore and desert petroleum equipment and engineering; the project of petroleum refining and chemical engineering, natural gases treatment and liquid recovery; the research, development, design and manufacture of light industry and food machinery; the performance test and
assessment on the petroleum drilling machinery and the refining chemical equipment; the related computer software introduction,development and technology consultation for purpose of the petroleum and petrochemical engineering and the attached equipment; and the relevant engineering design and general contracting, construction, manufacture supervision, construction surveying, etc.
The national oil drilling refining and chemical equipment quality supervision and testing Center, China Petrochemical Corporation Lanzhou equipment failure analysis and prevention research center, oil drilling equipment machinery industry quality supervision and inspection center, heat exchanger products Machinery Industry quality supervision and testing Center, Provincial heat transfer and engineering technology research center all located inside Lanpec Technologies Limited.
LANPEC owns manufacture bases in Lanzhou (12000㎡) & Shanghai (440000㎡) respectively.

Thermal Engineering International (USA) Inc. (TEi), a Babcock Power Inc. company, is the leading supplier of heat transfer technology to the electric power generation industry. We offer fully-integrated design, engineering, manufacturing, research & development, construction and service capabilities. Formerly Southwestern Engineering – and most recently Senior Engineering Co. – we have been designing and fabricating surface condensers, feedwater heaters, power plant heat exchangers and moisture separator reheaters (MSRs) for the world’s power generation industry continuously for over 50 years. We own and operate dedicated manufacturing facilities within the U.S. and license local shops throughout the world. TEi also engineers and manufactures industrial heat exchangers. Located at our Los Angeles headquarters, our design teams have the unique capability to provide integrated product engineering, resulting in single-point responsibility for design and manufacturing. Utilizing assets from the purchase of EFCO and Struthers Industries, Struthers Wells designs and supplies a full range of fired heaters, waste heat boilers and heat exchangers for the petrochemical industries.

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